Author’s note: this is a longer story, but an important one for women who are struggling to lose weight after baby. 

In September of 2015 I read the words “pregnant” on that tiny stick and in July of 2016, our beautiful daughter was born. 

And thank god she came when she did, because at nearly 42 weeks and weighing over 200 pounds… I was READY to not be pregnant anymore.

After her birth, I honestly wasn’t worried about my weight. 

I had gained at least 40-50 pounds but knew that a lot of it was from her, and that it would take time.

But I thought weight loss after having a baby would be a breeze. Plus, I figured, I was going to be nursing her and that would help the weight fall off… right? 


At first, I didn’t worry about it because my body had always bounced back when I had gained weight before. 

And those first few months with a colicky newborn, I could hardly brush my hair let alone think about dieting and exercising. 

By her 6 month birthday, I felt ready. 

Ready to do something for myself, ready to get to know my body again, ready to recognize myself in the mirror.

I was ready to get my pre-baby body back. 

So I went back to what I always did before… dieting and exercise. And guess what happened?... 

Nothing. I didn’t lose any weight. Not one damn pound or inch. 

So I started exercising MORE...


Exercising harder… 


Eating less processed food… 

And still nothing. 

Eating less carbs… 


Patiently waiting until a year when she weaned herself to see if that had anything to do with it and…


I had a 1.5 year old and still had 40 pounds to lose. But it wouldn’t budge. 

I could no longer use the “I have a newborn” excuse. 

I was scared that my body would be like this - overweight and gaining more - forever. 

Maybe you’ve had that fear too? 

The shame was always there in my head… 

“Why can’t you do this?”

“You are so gross.”

“Why can’t you just stick to something?”

And every week I would try harder to lose the baby weight, and every week I would feel more defeated in the end. 

Until one day, I was done.

I was done with only fitting into leggings + baggy shirts, and avoiding the mirror. 

I was done with eating the same plain, boring food that wasn’t helping me lose weight anyways. 

I was done with searching and searching for the answer, only to feel helpless. 

But also, I was done with feeling like shit about myself...

I was done with always being uncomfortable in my body.

I was done with being ashamed to be naked in front of my husband. 

I was done with the struggle of my weight, my confidence, and my life. 

So in that moment, I decided to take a chance and try changing this one habit. 

I decided to try something I hadn't tried yet, even though a voice in my head was telling me “why bother, you’ve done it all”

My self esteem was at an all time low, so I had nothing left to lose anyways. So with a hint of “fuck it” in my attitude, I tried this one thing. 

...and that one habit change? It changed my life. 

It helped me lose 30 pounds of baby weight in the easiest, most effortless way possible. 

But what I didn’t expect was that what it helped me gain was even better… 

I got my confidence back. 

My self esteem was there again. 

I could fit and feel good in my old wardrobe. 

My relationship with my husband got better because I wasn’t ashamed of how I looked.

I had the energy to keep up with my kid again.

By this point in the story, you might be thinking, "what was that one habit she changed?"...

I stopped dieting and killing myself in workouts, and I started eating for my body & metabolism instead. 

I know it sounds backwards, but literally doing less is what helped me lose 30 pounds of baby weight fast. And I’ve kept it off ever since. 

It doesn’t matter how much you have to lose, how many times you’ve gained it back, or how many other programs you’ve tried before. 

When you start eating for your metabolism, you’ll get your energy, and your body back for good… all while eating the foods you love. 

You can ditch the mom guilt of being the tired mom that avoids pictures. 

You can be active in your life again with the confidence you’ll find after losing weight easily and building healthy habits that last. 

No hours spent at the gym. 

No counting calories. 

No cutting out entire food groups. 

No eating nothing but plain chicken and broccoli. 

I am proof of that, and so are my clients. 

This eating strategy that helped me lose 30 pounds and change my life.

Which in turn, put me on a mission and helped me teach hundreds of other women to do the same.

If it worked for us, and it can work for you too. 

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