You can increase your metabolism, fast. 

Yes! Even if you didn’t know it was possible. 

Yes! Even if you have 30, 40, 50+ pounds to lose.

And yes! Even if you’ve lost it before then gained it back.

Inside you lies exactly what you need to boost your metabolism naturally. 

The trick to know what it is so you can tap into it with your diet to lose weight easily and sustainably (AKA keep it off forever). And today, we’re going to do just that. 

How can you increase your metabolism to lose weight fast? 

By listening to your metabolism and eating for your body! Here’s the deal...

Each of us has the ability to burn fat. Some of us just do it differently than others and need a different dietary approach for each of our own bodies. 

In general, women’s metabolism can be categorized into 3 groups which I call Fat Burning Types. 

The 3 Fat Burning Types are: Sugar, Mixed, and Muscle. 

Following your Fat Burning Type is how you can increase metabolism to lose fat fast. In essence, you eat via your metabolism. 

Think of it like a metabolism diet. It’s how you can eat for your body type, lose weight without counting calories, and keep it off forever because of your increased metabolism. It’s how both myself and hundreds of my clients have easily eaten to lose weight quickly. 

Which Fat Burning Type are you? 

You’re about to find out, but first let me tell you about what changes you can expect when you hack your metabolism with your Fat Burning Type like Carmen did… 

Carmen started working with me because as a single mom of 6, she needed something to help her that would be easy and fit in with her lifestyle. 

After learning about her Fat Burning Type in Eat to L.E.A.N and following her Fat Burning Type meal plan, Carmen’s energy skyrocketed. She’s more in touch with how what she eats affects her body, and she feels great! 

She can run up the stairs at work now (where before she could only walk) and is down 16 pounds and counting! All because Carmen learned how to eat for her body’s weight loss superpower. 

And now it’s your turn! Which one are you… Sugar, Mixed, or Muscle?

I want you to read the following short descriptions of each Fat Burning type and tell me which one sounds most like you… 

Sugar Fat Burning Type: 

Sugar Fat Burners tend to be overweight, oftentimes starting from an early age and worsening as they grow older. It’s incredibly difficult for Sugar Fat Burners to lose weight. They are often frustrated and give up because the traditional diet programs that emphasize eating less and exercising more makes their weight problems worse. 

Mixed Fat Burning Type: 

Mixed Fat Burners lifestyle choices largely determine their weight, health, and appearance. If they are “on” they tend to lose weight quickly. But if they go off their plan, they gain weight easily. If they stay up late, they’re tired. If they work too hard, they get sick. If they overeat and indulge, they gain weight. 

Muscle Fat Burning Type: 

Muscle Fat Burners tend to be the envy of their friends. They are usually thin despite being able to eat almost anything they want. However, they are also the population we call “skinny fat” because they have less muscle and more fat than other Fat Burning Types, even if they physically look the thinnest. Though their figure is slim, they lack muscle tone and often have loose skin. They burn muscle tissue due to an overproduction of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. This gives them energy but can also make them high strung, tense, and anxious. 

Which one sounds most like you?

Regardless, the key is to tailor a diet around your Fat Burning Type in order to work with your metabolism to increase weight loss without feeling tired, bored, or deprived. 

That’s exactly what we do this in Eat to L.E.A.N.

And while I save the full Fat Burning Type quiz, custom meal plans, and additional trainings for my clients in Eat to L.E.A.N, I do want to give you some tips based off of what you think your Fat Burning Type is based off the descriptions above.

Sugar Fat Burning Type:

You tend to be the most sensitive to carbohydrates. Stick to the 3-5 bite range at meals mentioned in step 2! If you do, you’ll feel amazing almost instantly. 

Mixed Fat Burning Type:

It’s all about lifestyle changes for you. Make sure you get in the habit of meal planning, prepping, and eating healthy. Go with an approach that works with your time and lifestyle. Slow changes add up over time!

Muscle Fat Burning Type:

Stress relief is where it’s at for you. Remember to eat your meals and engage in as many relaxing activities as possible like walks outside, meditation, and yoga. Believe it or not, this will help you lose weight and tone up!

Following these easy tips for your Fat Burning Type will boost your metabolism naturally so you can lose weight fast.

But that’s just a small part of the picture. 

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