Nowadays, keto is all the rage.

So many people cut carbs to lose weight. Maybe you have too.

But what happens when you’re human and eat carbs again? all comes right back on. 

As a Nutrition Coach, the biggest problem I have with eating super low carb or keto - aside from the lack of sustainability - is that it teaches us fear of food. 

It labels carbs as “bad” which inherently makes us afraid of it. 

But you shouldn’t have a fear of carbs for weight loss.

What you should fear instead is any diet that tells you to cut out entire food groups completely. 

They ain’t it, sister!

Because diets that completely eliminate macro nutrients like carbohydrates set you up to fall into a toxic dieting cycle of binge eating. You know how it goes… 

Start strict diet >> can’t have a food >> want the food more >> willpower drops >> cravings go up >> eat the food >> binge on more of it because you’ve already blown your diet >> feel guilty >> start over with your strict diet again.

What you need to know that carbs are your friend. They’re energy. 

You can lose weight and eat what you want.

You CAN lose weight AND eat carbs. It’s possible!

Even if you’ve believed the keto hype until right now…

Even if you have a lot of weight to lose...

Even if you think carbs make you fat... 


The trick to eating what you want while still losing weight? Your ability to listen to your body and your metabolism. 

You just have to learn how your body burns fat.

For some of us, we’ll be BFFs with carbs, where for others we’ll call them a close acquaintance. This is how you can eat your favorite foods (including carbs) and burn fat. 

But before I walk you through it step by step, I want you to know that if you’ve fallen into this carb-free trap before… you are not alone. 

Like with my client Erin: 

Erin came to me looking for help because she had done it ALL before and yet still, she was stuck. She was tired of wasting money on the next supplement, felt like her previous trainers never listened to her, and just wanted to change, BAD. 

But Erin was also afraid of carbs. 

She had heard from the trainers that she worked with in the past since she was overweight she was “carb sensitive” and told not to even look at a carb or she’d gain weight. 

Needless to say, her fear of carbohydrates was REAL. 

We started working together and the first thing I had her do was take the Fat Burning Type test in Eat to L.E.A.N to determine how her body burns fat and carbs. Turns out, she was the Fat Burning Type that NEEDED a large amount of carbs to burn fat better, and that being on a low carb diet for so long was what was keeping her stuck. 

I REPEAT: eating low carb was keeping her overweight. 

Since then, she’s drastically changed her eating, has built healthy habits, got her energy back, AND has lost close to 20 pounds and counting. All while eating carbs! 

Yes… once she started eating carbs she lost weight. It's possible!

We all have different needs for carbs depending on what I call your Fat Burning Type (AKA: your metabolism). 

But regardless of how much or how little your Fat Burning Type can tolerate, I can’t emphasize enough that ALL of us need to eat carbs to lose weight. 

So when it comes to carbs, I don’t want you to avoid them completely. But that doesn’t mean this is a free pass to eat all of them either.

Which brings me to… 

STEP 1: Begin with a baseline awareness of your body and carbohydrates. 

And no, you won’t be counting them the traditional way we’ve been taught through calories or macros.

Instead, start experimenting with how you can eat carbs and burn fat with counting your bites of carbohydrates at each meal. For most, 3 to 5 bites of carbs at each meal is a good starting point.

Keep in mind that a bite is an average forkful, NOT how much you can pile on there. If you love to measure, 1 bite = 5g carbohydrate. But try to keep it simple, ok? A bite’s a bite. 

STEP 2: Assess how you’re feeling. 

After a week of eating 3-5 bites per meal, assess how you feel… 

  • Do you have more energy or less? 
  • Are your cravings stronger or under control? 
  • Are you losing weight or gaining? 

Those will be key indicators to determine if the 3-5 bite range is working or not for your metabolism.  

STEP 3: Know your carbs. 

Now at this point you might be thinking wait… what’s a carb?

My first answer for you: don’t over complicate this.

You are an educated woman and usually know what a carb is. But because I know you crave direction, here’s a quick list of what you’ll be counting: 

  • All breads
  • Oatmeals
  • Crackers/chips/popcorn
  • Most packaged snacks
  • Dried fruit with sugar added
  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Squash
  • Pineapple 
  • All varieties of rice and quinoa
  • Pastas
  • Tortillas
  • Beans

If you have any doubts if a food is a carb or not, just google the nutrition facts of the food. If it's more carbohydrate than fat and protein… it’s a carb. 

Will you have to eat low carb to lose weight forever?

Hell no!

Keep in mind that the 3-5 bite range is where you will start, but it might not be spot on for your Fat Burning Type.

Also, just so I’m 100% clear… you’re NOT just eating 3 bites of carbs for a meal. Have a full plate with as much as you’d like of protein, fruits, and veggies. Just keep carbs listed above to 3-5 bites.

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