Ever wish weight loss was easy?

Eat to L.E.A.N will help you go from frustrated with the scale, confused about your diet, and exhausted all the time to losing weight in a quick but healthy way while making sense of your diet for your body AND getting your energy back.

...and this is your one chance to get it for $180 off the regular price!

When you enroll in Eat to L.E.A.N before the timer runs out, you'll save $180!

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We all wish we had a magic pill for weight loss.

It doesn’t exist… but Eat to L.E.A.N is pretty dang close.

Eat to L.E.A.N stands for

Eat to Lose {Weight} Easily And Now 

Lose weight easily and keep it off forever by eating the foods you love, even if you’ve tried everything out there before.

After trying to button your jeans for the 10th time, sucking it in so hard you can’t hold your breath a second longer… you give up.  

Exhaling, you toss those jeans in that pile of clothes in your closet. 

The pile you wish you didn’t have because none of them fit.

They are all too small. 

You grab a pair of leggings because at least they're comfortable as tears fill your eyes because you realize you’ve gained the weight back and now none of your clothes fit.  

As you bend over to put your other foot in, you keep your eyes down to avoid looking in the mirror because you feel so self conscious and uncomfortable in your own skin.  

And as pull that big flowy shirt on over your head -- the one that will cover everything your leggings don’t -- you hold back the urge to scream because you are SO frustrated. 

All you want is to be able to confidently fit in your jeans again. 

So you scroll through Pinterest for hours looking for healthy diets, meal plans, and recipe ideas, but the more you scroll the more confused you get.

One month you hear keto is the best diet, then counting macros, then intermittent fasting. So you try them all and where do they get you?

Even more hungry and confused.

You find yourself drooling over a banana, but not eating it because you heard it's not healthy.

What the hell should you be eating then?

You're not sure. So you don't eat. Or if you do it's not nearly enough.

And then your cravings take over and you find yourself shamefully grabbing dinner from the drive through window at McDonald's.

Your family is excited when they see you with that greasy bag in your hands, but you feel guility AF.

You are so tried of struggling with your weight and feeling like crap about yourself. Why can't it be easy?

You feel like there is never an easy way for you to lose weight, and you are so tired of trying diet after diet with no results.

You get so angry at yourself that you just can’t get it.  

You struggle with self confidence, and feel like you’re just the fat girl with a pretty face. 

You’re so tired of being the weight you are that you’re tempted to throw in the towel and give up.  

But then you look at your kids and realize you can’t give up.  

Because what terrifies you more than anything is what downward spiral your health will go in if you don’t do something about your weight soon.  

You want to be able to be there for your kids, and your grandkids, for a long a$$ time.  

You don’t want to end up with failing health in the future, and you feel that pit in your stomach right now thinking about what burden that would be for your kids. 

You don’t want that.  

You want to drop the weight, build healthy habits, and feel good in jeans again... but why does it all have to be so dang hard? 

You would know because you’ve done it ALL. 

No, really…  

Fads; intermittent fasting; 21 day fixes; expensive meal delivery; cutting calories; medical programs; WW; keto; diet pills; giving up sugar; giving up soda; carb cycling; 

... and every other diet program known to woman.

You've tried it all before.

But here’s the thing about those diets… none of them actually taught you anything other than how to stay stuck in a lose/gain cycle. 

You know how it goes…  

Start restrictive diet >>> lose weight >>> feel great >>> willpower slips >>> overeat >>> feel like crap >>> give up >>> gain weight back >>> spend $$ to go back on strict diet again. 

No wonder you’re feeling so frustrated!  

None of them taught you how to eat for your body to lose weight and keep it off easily, forever.  

And you are not alone.

So many clients have been there before. Hell, I have too!

Hi, have we met yet? I'm Kenna!

A little more about me...

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Fitness and Exercise Science, and have been a practicing Certified Personal Trainer for over 10+ years. 

I am also a certified ME Fat Loss Specialist, as well as a Guiding Mindful Change Life Coach.

Over the course of my career, I have helped hundreds of women just like you learn how to lose weight easily and keep it off for good without giving up their favorite foods or spending hours in the gym.

I've put everything I know into my signature 3-phase nutrition program, Eat to L.E.A.N.

This isn't something I just teach... I've lived it too.

I used Eat to L.E.A.N to lose 30 pounds myself after the birth of my daughter AND I've kept it off effortlessly over the last 3+ years!

And if we can do it... you can do it too!

Enroll now for just $45 (+ 11 more installments of $45)

Now just $30! (+ 11 more installments of $30)

And save $180 before the timer runs out!

I want you to imagine how good it feels once you get to your AFTER...

Having the energy to make memories with your family AND the confidence to be included in the pictures. 

Seeing those pictures and noticing something other than your weight. 

Sliding your wedding ring on effortlessly for the first time in months. 

Feeling confident when you look into the mirror because you recognize the body looking back at you.

Having healthy eating habits your entire family can get on board with.

Finally buttoning that damn pair of jeans you’ve hung onto and feeling comfortable in them. You can breathe! 

Being the healthy example that your kids need and deserve, now and forever. 

Loving yourself again instead of just existing.  

And even better...

Imagine losing the weight to be at your AFTER quickly, easily, and without giving up all the foods you love.

Now imagine maintaining it FOREVER. 

It's possible with Eat to L.E.A.N.

When you Eat to Lose Easily And Now (L.E.A.N), you’ll get your energy, and your body back… all while eating the foods you love.  

  • No hours spent at the gym. 
  • No counting calories. 
  • No giving up bread & carbs.
  • No more boring "diet" meals.

Ditch the mom guilt of being the tired mom that avoids pictures and be active in your life again with the confidence you’ll find after losing weight easily and building healthy habits that last.  

No matter how much you have to lose, how many times you’ve gained it back, or how many other programs you’ve tried before... 

 Eat to L.E.A.N works because it focuses on the most important thing… you, girl! 

Eat to L.E.A.N will teach you how to easily eat for YOUR body to tap into its natural fat-burning ability. 

This allows you to effortlessly lose weight in a healthy but quick way WITHOUT feeling deprived, tired, or like you’re missing out. 

And maintaining that weight loss is SO easy because you’re actually learning about how your body works best with food instead of falling into that toxic deprive > crave > indulge > start over cycle that other diets put you into.

Megan's story:

"I cannot believe how great I feel every day. Just 6 weeks into the program and I’ve already lost 8 pounds and 9.5 inches!

Don’t hesitate - jump in. It makes a difference."

Eat to L.E.A.N isn’t a weight loss magic pill, but it’s pretty close. 

Results can happen for you, even if....  

You're short on time. 

You have picky eaters at home. 

You find yourself giving into cravings often.

You're on a budget.

You've tried it all before.

I created this program for busy women like myself who want and need the MOST change in the LEAST amount of time possible. 

Build habits, stay consistent, and change your lifestyle.

Here's how it works...

Phase 1 is all about you and your body.  

By the end of Phase 1, you’ll know your specific Fat Burning Type AND have the tools + food plan to make eating for your Fat Burning Type even easier.

Phase 2 is where you'll start seeing {and feeling} results.

 You’ll begin by following your body’s specific meal plan and learn the signals your body is telling you in real time so that you'll know exactly how your transformation is happening - leaving nothing to guess work! 

Phase 3 is where it all comes full circle. 

Complete your transformation from bloated, sluggish, and struggling to energized, confident, and kicking a$$ and learn how to make it last easily and FOREVER.

How much time will each phase take?

Binge it Netflix-style in less than a day, or take it week by week…. it’s up to you! 

Eat to L.E.A.N was made for busy women. Watch while you’re cooking dinner, listen on your commute, or take notes on your lunch break. This program was made to fit your lifestyle. 

How long before you'll see results?

Almost instantly... no, really!

I've had clients feel better the first day they've started eating for their Fat Burning Type. And when you'll feel better, you'll be even more motivated to continue eating better AND moving more. It's that easy.

Depending on your weight loss goals and how accountable you stay to following the program, that means that it could take as little as 2-4 weeks to start seeing the numbers on the scale go down!

When you start your Eat to L.E.A.N journey, you'll get...

Are you a sugar, mix, or muscle? Get to know the most about your body and take the guesswork out of what to eat with this simple test. Don’t worry about failing, there’s no wrong answers!  

Your mind will be BLOWN AWAY as you learn more about the common characteristics of your fat burning type, and get special customized tips to make your results even easier.  

Have it all in front of you in black and white for easy access at all the foods that work best for your fat burning type. And this isn’t just one… you get ALL food lists for each Fat Burning Type so if your body changes you’re prepared.  

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Get all of my best tips before you begin to Eat to L.E.A.N with this special training + checklist.  

AKA: HEC. What the heck is HEC? Hunger, Energy, and Cravings. It’s what will determine your success and is the bread and butter of Eat to L.E.A.N (pun intended). Because when your HEC is in line, everything else comes easy.  

Quickly track how your body is responding to the foods your eating in real-time so you know if it’s working or not without spending hours counting calories or measuring and weighing foods.  

Get the most out of your results by also following these quick lifestyle tips specifically for your Fat Burning Type. SPOILER ALERT: more isn’t always better.  

I’ll walk you through exactly how to properly measure your progress along the way (hint: it's NOT how you've been doing it before!). Your drop-dead after photos are closer than you think!  

I don’t just throw all of this at you and walk away… let me walk you through everything step by step. Each video is quick, easy to follow, and can be watched or listened to while you’re on the move. 

You are not on an island and will NOT be alone during this process. Join our exclusive Eat to L.E.A.N Facebook group to meet your tribe, get meal ideas, share your successes, and coaching call replays.

I know mom-guilt is real, especially when it comes to spending money on yourself. That’s why I’m giving you this top-secret document you’ll only get here that shares 27 ways you can save $227 on your groceries this month… all while eating healthy. Typically $147, but yours FREE when you join!

You’ll get my most popular Burn Fat Faster workout collection just for your purchase of Eat to L.E.A.N to compliment the diet changes you'll be making so you hard work will show. Workout schedule, description, and vidoe tutorials included. Typically $97, but yours FREE when you join!

Connect with other members and get your questions answered live with me, your coach. Nothing is off the table during these 30 minute coaching calls, which is why they are so valuable to your success. Can't join us live? Replays will be posted in the Facebook group! Typically $297, but yours FREE when you join!

...that's over $540 in bonus resources for FREE when you enroll Eat to L.E.A.N now!

Jessica's story:

“My body has never felt better- the bloating is gone and I don’t feel like I’m “on a diet”. I enjoy food probably more now that I changed my way of eating because I’m fueling my body instead of feeding it crap. I wanted to try this because it just made sense. The results go beyond the pounds and inches I’ve lost- the knowledge and the lifestyle change is priceless.” 

Enroll before the timer runs out & save $180!

Payment Plan

Regular price: 12 payments of $45

Your price: 12 payments of $30

Your savings: $180

Pay in Full

Regular price: 1 payment of $450

Your price: 1 payment of $300

Your savings: $150

Enroll for $300

AND get this awesome bonus when you pay in full:

PIF BONUS: Make Motivation Your Bitch

Guided Journal

Yours FREE just for joining Eat to LEAN when you pay in full!

Carissa's story:

“I always thought I knew what healthy eating was but just didn't have the willpower to follow through with it. I ate seemingly healthy meals but caved on sweets all the time and couldn't handle the hunger and cravings I would get between meals. After learning about my Fat BurningType, I have been able to drastically improve my diet in a way that leaves me full, happy, thinner, and feeling great!” 


What makes this different than other diets I’ve tried? 

Eat to L.E.A.N is like nothing else out there. No other program teaches you what you’ll learn about your body and your Fat Burning Body Type. 

You’ll learn so dang much about your body and how food affects it, but also how to apply these strategies to real-world scenarios so you don’t ever feel like you’re missing out the way most of us feel on a traditional “diet”. 

Plus that deprivation cycle you end up in with other diets? It won’t happen with Eat to L.E.A.N. That’s because nothing is off limits. 

How much time will this take?

Binge it Netflix-style in less than a day, or take it week by week…. It’s up to you! 

Eat to L.E.A.N was made for busy women. Watch while you’re cooking dinner, listen on your commute, or take notes on your lunch break. This program was made to fit your lifestyle. 

Plus, if losing weight is important enough to you, you’ll find the time. 

Why buy this when I can work with a Dietician for free through my insurance? 

Diets or plans from Dietitian's are black and white generic food-pyramid plans, filled with information you already know. And accountability? Forget it. 

Dietitians do what they can, but most of their programs are based on generic guidelines they present to at-risk populations in a group setting. 

With Eat to L.E.A.N you’ll get the plan your body needs, the accountability to follow through with it, and the tools, access, and support you’ll need to maintain your weight loss forever. 

What happens after I buy Eat to L.E.A.N?  

After you purchase Eat to L.E.A.N, you’ll get an email right away to confirm your purchase + give you the next steps including a link to the course log-in page and exclusive Facebook group.

I don’t eat meat. Will this still work for me?

I’ll be honest… if you’re vegetarian or vegan, this program is probably not for you. I totally respect the ethical decision behind your way of eating, but it’s my opinion as a professional that quality sources of protein are important, including meat. 

If you only like a few meats or have only tried to be a Vegetarian/Vegan because of weight loss, then this program WILL work for you!

I have a LOT of weight to lose. Will this work for me?

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose... then this is the right program for you. 

Eat to L.E.A.N will not only teach you how to eat to lose weight quickly for your Fat Burning Type, but will also give you the tools and support you need to maintain that weight loss FOREVER.

It is more than a diet, Eat to L.E.A.N is a lifestyle.  

Why should I invest in this program? 

I know for some of you this can feel like quite an investment, especially when mom-guilt over buying yourself anything is so real AND you’ve tried and failed at other programs before. 

But Eat to L.E.A.N is the price it is because it is more than just a generic eat this/not that meal plan. You’ll be learning the science behind why your body burns fat the way it does, what to eat to lose the fastest, and how to do it in a sustainable way to not feel deprived ever again. 

Plus, with continued access to me and other motivated women just like you in the exclusive Facebook group… you’ll never be alone. 

Compared to everything else you could try that doesn’t work, you’re actually saving quite a bit of money. (See chart below)

I’m bad with technology. Where is everything housed?  

You and me both girl! That’s why all the info of Eat to L.E.A.N is housed in an easy-to-use platform called Member Vault. 

When you checkout, you’ll sign up with a username (your email) and password. When enrollment is complete, you’ll be sent a login link. Just click it and you’re in! 

It’s all there for you, organized step by step. Other than that, all you’ll need is a Facebook account to have access to the exclusive Facebook group! 

I feel like I've tried everything under the sun and am still... here. How do I know this will work for me? 

The truth? You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t joined Eat to L.E.A.N yet. It will work if you put in the work.

This is so so different than any other diet out there - that’s what makes it so special - but it will only work if you are ready to roll up your sleeves, follow along each phase, and have a little faith to trust the process. 

It’s new, and new can be scary. I get it. But instead of thinking about all that could go wrong, ask yourself this… what if this does work for you? How would that change your life? Is that worth working for? Hell yes it is. 

You have to make the decision for yourself, but if you put in the work you WILL see results. 

The Kenna Fit Commitment

I made this program for busy moms who want to change their lives, because I too am a busy mom who made that change once before. 

I know what it’s like to have a plan but have to push it back because life happens. 

That’s why I made the Kenna Fit Commitment: lifetime access to Eat to L.E.A.N when you buy now.  

Kid gets sick? No problem, Eat to L.E.A.N will be there for you when they’re healthy again. 

Family obligations come up? Eat to L.E.A.N will be there. 

Life just get crazy hectic? Eat to L.E.A.N will still be there for you.  

Buy Eat to L.E.A.N once and you have it forever.

All the updates, edits, and new information I bring will be yours for LIFE.

No extra charge.  

This year, you could...

Join a gym by yourself… $686/year

Try a medical weight loss program… starting at $6,640/year 

Try Hello Fresh… $6,708/year 

Hire a Personal Trainer twice a week… $7,280/year 

Buy a Peloton… $2,245 for the bike + $240/year for the app 

Purchase more supplements… $600/year 

Hire a Macro Coach… $1,188/year 

Buy the Thrive patches your friend raves about… $1,950/year 

Try the Noom app… $540/year 

Eat strictly Keto… $4,800/year 

Continue to gain, and endure obesity-related health problems… $92,235/year

Total... $125,112 

… or you could save yourself a helluva lot of time, money, and frustration by getting Eat to L.E.A.N for as low as $30/month before time runs out!

Carmen's story:

“Eat to L.E.A.N appealed to me because it looked like I could fit it into our busy life (single mom of 6). It did and does! I call the food a meal plan not a diet because it’s not restrictive like what comes to mind when people say diet. It’s simple and focuses on what you have and it’s just everyday stuff at any store. I have more energy now than I have in years without drinking a pot of coffee and I’m more in touch with how what I eat affects my body than I ever have been in my life. I feel great. And I’m down 16lbs!” 

Enroll before the timer runs out & save $180!

Payment Plan

Regular price: 12 payments of $45

Your price: 12 payments of $30

Your savings: $180

Pay in Full

Regular price: 1 payment of $450

Your price: 1 payment of $300

Your savings: $150

AND get this awesome bonus when you pay in full:

PIF BONUS: Make Motivation Your Bitch

Guided Journal

Yours FREE just for joining Eat to LEAN when you pay in full!

And when you purchase Eat to L.E.A.N, you're not only helping yourself...

A portion of your purchase will be donated to The Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter, which is the only emergency shelter in Marquette and Alger counties for survivors and children fleeing abusive homes.  

The Harbor House provides individual and support group counseling and supportive advocacy services to survivors staying in the shelter and survivors and children that are not residing in the shelter through outreach program services to help develop a safety plan.  

$125 covers one victim at the Harbor House per week, $500 covers one person per month, and $1500 covers a three person family per month. 

Your money matters… let it help you AND others with your purchase of Eat to L.E.A.N.  

The offer's on the table...

(pun intended) and now it's up to you to decide.

You could...

1. Walk away & choose to do nothing at all for yourself.

You know you’re gaining weight, and you realize that at some point it’s going to come down to health problems and be about more than just your jeans. 

But you could accept and ignore your weight gain. You can choose to keep avoiding the scale, mirror, and pictures. Buy larger clothes and toss the ones that are too tight. Settle and do nothing. 

Let life pass you by until one day your kids have to help you deal with your health issues. 

2. Do it yourself.

Google and Pinterest exist. You could spend hours researching the hell out of diets, prepping for them, and trying them on your own. 

But fair warning, that would involve a lot of time, patience, and brain power. You’ll have to navigate the ups, downs, frustrations, and mistakes all on your own. 

It’s a lot of trial and error. I know because this is how I did it myself before I developed the Eat to L.E.A.N system. It’s not impossible, but it is hard as hell. 

3. Buy something else.

Look, I’m biased AF about Eat to L.E.A.N because it’s my second baby and I’ve seen women transform their lives with it. But other programs do exist. 

You could join and just be a number on a wall, following someone with less experience who only sees you for the money in your wallet. 

Get a generic meal plan to blindly follow and then have that "coach: tell you to suck it up and eliminate your excuses when life happens because they’ve never been there themselves. 

4. Save time, wasted money, and tears of frustration by taking the easy way with Eat to L.E.A.N. 

The opportunity to purchase Eat to L.E.A.N is running out, so now it’s time to make the decision.  

I hate making decisions under pressure too, but the doors to Eat to L.E.A.N are closing soon. Regardless of which option you choose, I want you to feel good as hell about it. 

I wish I could do the work for you, but I can’t. All I can offer you the best option I can. And in my 10 years of experience as a weight loss professional and a real woman who has done it herself, I know that the best option is Eat to L.E.A.N.  

Enroll before the timer runs out & save $180!

Payment Plan

Regular price: 12 payments of $45

Your price: 12 payments of $30

Your savings: $180

Pay in Full

Regular price: 1 payment of $450

Your price: 1 payment of $300

Your savings: $150

AND get this awesome bonus when you pay in full:

PIF BONUS: Make Motivation Your Bitch

Guided Journal

Yours FREE just for joining Eat to LEAN when you pay in full!

Rachel's story:

“Ok... I got into my REALLY skinny jeans today! Pic on left was about a week into Eat to L.E.A.N (doesn’t help my step daughter is a toothpick) and the right is this morning at work. These are the jeans I honestly didn’t think I’d get back into comfortably since they aren’t as stretchy as my favorite pair. But hot damn am I proud of myself!”